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The Truth About Her.

by Laurie Jones

Released 2016
Laurie Jones Music Company
Released 2016
Laurie Jones Music Company
Confessional folk rock with an Americana influence
Are you ready for the truth? Laurie Jones releases "the truth about her" after several years of going underground.
This collection of songs is a "best of", newly re-mastered, which tells the relevant story of not only being human, but embracing the art of surviving and not always knowing or abiding by the rules. Jones has paved her own path and proven so on the past three CD releases which have labeled her as a songwriting force. "the truth about her" is a prelude. It's a necessary pause to reflect and proceed. "the truth" is a musical message to hold on tight for what's coming on October 1st; the next chapter with a full Jones musical punch. Play it Loud.