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Laurie Jones

by Laurie Jones

Released 2006
Reversing Recordings
Released 2006
Reversing Recordings
This self titled CD by singer-songwriter Laurie Jones is infused w/ confessional messages that her fans have come to expect and love.
"Laurie Jones": the third CD from a powerful singer-songwriter

For Immediate Release

With the release of her new self-titled album, Laurie Jones cements her status as a full-service indie singer-songwriter. Recorded in Portland Maine, with Jim Begley of "The Studio", Jones' third CD is refreshingly genuine and musically to the point. Front and center is her remarkable vocal performance; opening with "It Is Well With My Soul," Jones sets the album's tone via a glorious 19th century hymnal that evolves from despair and grief to forgiveness and liberation.

Backed by her long-time touring band, Jones crafts each song with a strong melody and lyrics that can be surprisingly frank and emotionally complex. "This record comes from the music I really love," explains Jones. "I allowed my gospel and country influences to face off with my rock demons." In doing so Jones has created a work of "transgenre rock 'n' roll."

The track "Overrated" finds Jones making commentary about the music industry. Of course it is all in fun, as Jones shares her challenge of having to straddle the grandeur of pop celebrity and the gutter of maintaining a day job.

While Jones continues her alliance with Walter Howland on bass, Neil Salisbury on guitar and Steve Peer on drums, she has also invited a variety of guest artists to help create a rich palette of soul, rockabilly, Celtic and southern rock sounds.

For those who need to classify and label her style, Jones' latest effort fits nicely into the "non-commercial adult rock" or "Americana roots," as well as the "college" or "indie" bin. However, Laurie Jones soars way above the pop rock fray and prefers "none of the above." She blazes her own trail as a unique songwriter with style and power to spare.

"Laurie Jones" (self-titled)
Reversing Recordings (RR16)
Copyright 2007

Audio track list:
It Is Well With My Soul (Spafford and Bliss)
Give Me A Moment
Hey My DJ
Goat Dance
Torin's Revolution
Another Road Trip
I Only Wanted You
Wonderful And Cheaper

Recorded at The Studio, Portland, Maine
Additional tracks: Lakewind Sound Studios, Point Aconi, Nova Scotia

Recorded by Jim Begley

Additional Recording by Mike Shepherd

Mixed and Produced by Jim Begley, Laurie Jones and Steve Peer