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After the Crash

by Laurie Jones

Released 2001
Reversing Recordings
Released 2001
Reversing Recordings
Confessional folk rock
Laurie Jones


Meet Laurie Jones, the "chick rocker," the "modern mix of melody and electric riffs," the woman who "sings with power, personality, versatility and passion." That's how the press describes Jones and her music.

Since the release of "After The Crash," Jones has kept her band smart touring in the Northeast, Maritime Canada and the UK...created an active and ever-changing website...sold several thousand CD's...recorded the soon-to-be-released followup,"Better Days"...and won herself a devoted fan base and an impressive collection of enthusiastic reviews.

As one of the most intrepid women in modern pop music, Jones can successfully unleash her full-tilt electric band in a room full of intoxicated skeptics, or convert the same room to a house of worship with a solo acoustic set.

Jones credits her musical curiosity and lack of creative inhibition to Alice Cooper, Sonny and Cher re-runs and certain symptoms of attention deficit disorder.

"I actually should thank The Beatles, Stones and a variety of 'young dudes' for teaching me the value of writing the 3 or 4 minute hit song, " she says. All of this has combined to make Jones a prolific and pithy songwriter.

As a member of the "Gals With Guitars" club, Jones has been ardently compared with veteran rocker Chrissie Hynde and occasionally confused with newcomer Avril Lavigne, when all she really wants to be is Suzanne Vega's roadie.

Laurie Jones writes catchy songs, honors the traditions of folk music, leads a power-pop band and is a vivid and vibrant performer.

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